Morning Pranayama Practice with Matt Gluck – Pranayama Yoga Demonstration Video



Demonstration DVD. For detailed instructional DVD’s see the How To Breathe series by Matt Gluck. This DVD is more for someone with a little or more experience looking to see how to connect their breathing practices together in the morning…… Breathing Exercises are a natural remedy without negative side effects, providing a real workout for those seeking to change and improve the quality of their life. The Breathing Exercises DVD contains exercises for stress, anxiety, asthma, allergies, depression, heart conditions, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, weight loss, lethargy, MS, ME, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, insomnia, poor digestion, nausea, colitis, crohn’s disease, epilepsy, autism, aspergers…….. Breathing Exercises – Morning Practice A, is a Breathing Exercises DVD containing Breathing Techniques to help you energise in the morning, boost performance and concentration, detox, strengthen, balance and relax. This DVD is a continuous clear demonstration of a 78 minute practice which can be tailored easily to suit your needs and time – anything from 5 minutes upwards. Contraindications are listed as well as details for ON LINE SUPPORT to offer answers to questions or further advice. BREATHING EXERCISES is an amazing aid and supplement for the maintenance of vitality and well being and improving and possibly curing (longer term) many current day health conditions. Contraindications and exercise benefits are listed. Please note that for weight loss – Breathing Exercises need to be combined with other physical practices such as our Leg Exercises DVD – Pada Krama.

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