How To Breathe – Breathing Exercises – Breathing Book – Pranayama Practices Manual (E Download)



‘How To Breathe’ was written following years of searching. My journey started with childhood difficulties with breathing, (chronic asthma) and having weaved in and out of the breath for the following 35 years I finally ‘got it’ a few years back. I have adopted all of these classical techniques on a daily basis since then and continue to find increasing health, vitality, awareness and joy in the midst of this challenging world. Whatever steps you take to maintain or increase your well being, without breathing, none of it can take place. As the foundation of life, have you ever considered giving this area of your life more consideration or investment? The approaches of eastern medicine and western alternative health are of prevention rather than symptomatic remedies. Long term effects of complete breathing liberate the body and mind. I’m glad I finally understood all of this. I hope that you feel inspired to take the nearest, easiest and perhaps most empowering steps of your life. How To Breathe contains more than 40 exercises. It describes how to perform them, their contraindications (when not to perform them) and their benefits. There are exercises for Relaxation, Balancing and Stability and Energy, Strengthening and Cleansing. You can combine them with any other health and exercise routine that you do or are thinking of doing and will see your progress increase and accelerate. The practices increase core strength, awareness and alignment. They increase circulation, raise energy levels, remove blockages within the organs, glands, nervous system and soft tissue and reintegrate stagnant energy throughout your system. Weight Lifters and Body builders using these methods admit to becoming more powerful and efficient. Free divers incorporate these ancient methods because they allow them to dive deeper. They allow the body to build reserves and store and use energy more effectively. Top athletes report improvements in strength and stamina and martial artists derive their power from correct and sustained use of the breath. I wish you much joy. In the arts, Matt Gluck.

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