Khecarī Mudrā ~ Black Hole Manifestation or Special Effects?

12 May 2023 0 Comment(s)

On May 5th this year 2023 many of us experienced a full Flower Moon, whereby the sun's light reaching the moon was partially blocked by the earth. This occurred during a portion of the night and created a lunar eclipse sensation.

At the time we were in Formentera near Ibiza, Spain, enjoying a week's celebration for my Step Daughter Donya's birthday. We had been invited to a gathering for a Full Moon Meditation, hosted by a beautiful Kundalini Yoga teacher at her magical home. Around 20 people collected in the circle within the bounds of the outdoor wooden yoga shala. The ceremony started at about 8pm and the moon slowly appeared on the clear horizon rising from the trees like a mystical sun in a waking dream.


We chanted around 3 Kundalini Yoga mantras and the vibes rose like waves in the ocean of nectar, churned by our united attention like a call to the Great Spirit to shine its light and wisdom upon us all.

The photo below of the spiralling meditators was taken at what looks to be a peak moment during the sitting. The orange, red and yellow lights within the spiral are all aspects of the candles which sat on the floor in the circle of flowers, lights, tarot/ reading cards, stones and crystals which you can see in the first photo taken, sitting further below.


We asked the photographer (using an iPhone 12 or thereabouts) to check if there were any special effects on the phone which could have caused this result. A few days later we got a text back confirming that she couldn't find any. We have googled various possibilities to see if there is an iPhone App which produces this effect and have't yet found any such thing.

For us, we would like to believe that the middle image is a manifestation of spirit, revealing a beautiful black hole at the centre of a spiralling galaxy. Personally, being in the body of the black hole meditator, I/ego would like to believe this is a sign of the cumulative effects of Khecarī mudrā.

Khecarī has the progressive effect of creating space in the sadhaka/practitioner. In so doing, all illusions arising out of the mental constructs and projections which we cast upon the dualistic phenomena of the manifest universe, dissolve back into a unitive state, much as all within the clutches of the event horizon are sucked in to this 'void' (although it's not actually empty, as far as we/science now understand).

I believe that when we are truly present to presence, without desire for anything to be other than it currently is, flowing from the eternal now at the centre of existence/just being our simple-mundane-self, doorways of perception open to new horizons of multi dimensional existence.

Any thoughts you'd like to share?

With love and joy,

Matt x:)


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