I’m back to square one!

3 December 2013 0 Comment(s)

old young woman

One of the subjects that comes up regularly in discussions when talking to fellow travellers is our inability to hold onto peace. We get an insight, we see how our perceptions have veiled reality and for a while we see things as they are and, consequently suffer less. We feel we’ve hacked this thing called ‘life’ and go along happy and merry until ‘bam!!’ something else comes up and peace is thrown out of the window. One minute we could see reality without the veil, next minute all we see is the veil of our perception. Common thoughts are ‘I’m back on square one!’ or ‘I’ve lost it’.

Look at this picture. If you’ve never seen it, you’ll either see a young woman or an old lady. You’ll have to look for the other. With training, you’ll be able to shift your attention willingly from one to the other and eventually you’ll see both almost simultaneously. This can take your eyes from 1 minute to longer…

We have learnt for years and years to see the veil and only the veil. We are slowly getting glimpses of reality and we love it. 🙂 Just in the same way that when you’ll discover the image you couldn’t see initially you’ll be smiling in your belly! Once you’ve seen both ladies in the picture, even if you lose the ability to see one of them occasionally, you’ll know that if you saw it once, it is guaranteed you’ll see it again. All that is needed is willingness and patience.

It takes time for the physical eyes to learn to shift their focus. It’s exactly the same with the inner eye. One shift of focus moves us from the the ‘hell of the imaginary’ to the ‘heaven of the real’ and vice versa.

There is truly no use is beating ourselves up when we can’t see. Self sabotage is of no help whatsoever! The inner eye has to do what the inner eye has to do! The more it looks and seeks, the more it finds; we might as well enjoy the hide and seek game while it lasts. I am reminded of what a friend sent me:

Somewhere very near 
Just around the corner
All is well 
Nothing is past, nothing is lost 


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