I saw a thought passing

12 October 2013 0 Comment(s)

thought passing


I saw a thought passing
a new thought
One that could lead to so many more
One that would blame
One that would put me on the defence

I saw it passing
wanting to be mine
I saw it passing
wanting to play in the field of my mind
Then it stopped
As if to say: Shall we play?

I looked inside
Did I believe that thought?
Was it to be mine?
Did I want to play?
The answer was ‘No’
I was OK as I was
walking down the street

My eyes opened to the vibrancy of the day
to movements, to the sky
I saw all the colours around
I heard children’s happy sound

Back in the real world
the gift of the mind was clear:
To imagine, to enliven, to expand, to create
To imagine another world, for better or worse
To create fictions from facts
To expand the real into the imagined
and have them merged

The real or the imagined
The facts or the fictions
To play or not to play
That’s our ultimate choice

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