Corporate Yoga ~ Wellbeing Days

Sample Wellbeing Days

Well Being Days are an opportunity to focus time and energy into areas which promote improved staff happiness and therefore a nicer and more productive workplace for all. Here are some examples of some of the modules we currently offer.

Dynamic (uplifting) 

Increases Motivation and Productivity

Often the desire to attain huge profits takes place at a 'sacrificial alter', whereby staff are worn down daily and left drained and de-motivated. Why not offer your staff the right tools to overcome this problem?

They will leave this session energized and invigorated and ready to "get the job done".

Relaxing (grounding)

Eliminates Stress

Stress in the workplace has reached epidemic proportions. Millions of hours are lost at work through stress related disorders and sickness. Relaxation is essential if we are seeking to obtain "optimum performance".

Bend and Bond (Pair yoga)

Builds a Strong Team Spirit

Initially everyone enters a corporate space in which they feel they can become a team player; part of a holistic and synergistic organism. When people are overworked, they don't get the opportunity to build a strong team spirit.

This session creates the right atmosphere to develop "trust and harmony within the team".

Tai Chi

Promotes Self Evaluation

Simple techniques that we learn through the practice of Tai Chi help staff become aware of the fine tuning of their mind and body. Increased awareness of how we relate to ourselves, naturally overflows and affects our relationships with our colleagues, clients and world in general.

Sound yoga

Improves effective communication

This simple ancient technique helps staff voice themselves and avoid unnecessary tension build-ups due to the lack of communication.

Dance yoga

Promotes openness and sociability with "no hangover"

This is a wonderful way to create an open and friendly environment without having to deal with the absence due hangovers following corporate social events. It is also an excellent tool to boost creativity.

Chair Yoga

Suitable for Conference Days

We all spend hours each day sitting in chairs at our desks. Enjoy the opportunity to release tension and niggling aches by stretching 'mind and body' in the comfort of the office chair.

Massage Therapies

One of the most effective ways to let go of stress and bring us in to the present moment, from which all action arises. Learn the basics of various forms of self or traditional massage.

Executive Coaching/ CEO Coaching

For mentoring at all levels within the Company. Book a ‘one to one’ session to help overcome obstacles or clarify objectives in order to achieve goals in the simplest and most direct method possible.

Yoga, martial arts and the associated philosophies have taught us that only we  can stress us out. “Only I have that ability”.  We are all cogs in the Wheel Of Life, which shows us that true value and reward is achieved through loving, giving and serving; others and self.

Both Dorna and Matt have many years of commercial experience which now coupled with their knowledge of Yogic practices, facilitate incorporating these principles in your workplace.

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