Embodied Sound & Speech

Incorporating Breath, Speech, Sound and Movement practices.

This session is ideal for a range of people; those who can feel uncomfortable and tense speaking in groups, those who feel drained after socialising, chatting with friends or speaking at work and those with consistent upper body tension.

Most of us hold lots of tension in our bodies as we speak -  the truth is most of us don't even know it! Our willingness to be understood and received creates proper havoc inside. My journey in yoga has revealed so many tensions I never knew I had. If you asked me, I'd tell you I'm very comfortable speaking with friends, family and colleagues! The truth was far from this and I feel grateful to know the difference today. During this session we will teach our bodies to make sounds with proper use of the breath and ease in the body. This gradual process will have a very positive impact on all your communications.

Dorna 🙂