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Yoga One to One Tune In - Herts and North London

(For Children see bottom of page)

Yogic Health Clinic - Self Awareness and Breathing as a way to Natural Health - treating (managing, improving or possibly curing); cancer, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, insecurity, attention and stress disorders, blood pressure (hypertension, hypotension), menopause, osteoporosis and arthritis, diabetes, back, knee, hip (joint pains - frozen shoulder, fatigue and depression, infertility, asthma, hay feaver (allergies), insomnia, trauma, grief, bronchiectasis, ADHD, Special Needs adults and children......................please help us to continue growing this list............

The eastern art and science of Yoga was traditionally taught on a one to one basis.

Like nature, it is an ongoing process, a tool for living, a lens for life.

We can best invest ourselves by working in a way that meets with our unique requirements. I can introduce you to Yoga so that you begin to see its deeper meaning, by providing the mirror for you to see yourself more clearly. My role is to be a vehicle of truth, emptiness and peace. I know that when you see this ‘truth’ you will realise that you have seen yourself and the nature of your mind. You will also remember that your essence is one with everything.

During our first meeting we will ascertain your general health and well being and work through basics in order to establish a personal programme of practice that you can do on your own, if that is your wish. I will then send you this practice in writing with simple instructions based upon the session that we had together and ask you to work with this in your own time. If you are not ready for self-practice then we can meet to develop your practice together.

Traditional Yoga incorporates diet and daily routines and focuses upon techniques that promote and sustain balance to mind, body and soul. I can guide you with Yogasanas (postures), Pranayama (breath exercises), Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation), Dharana (contemplation) and Dhyana (meditation). I can also guide you in the principles of eastern philosophy and a basic yogic diet.

The joy of Life is that you are Yoga.

Everyone is unique and solutions are found in the causes of our problems. Deep rooted psychological traits or neuroses surface for healing. Perseverance in this ancient art will ensure that they can be transcended safely and effectively. I work from the heart. If I feel that a client needs further help from an outside source such a bone specialist, I will advise this help immediately. With time you will see your self and practice evolve in a logical and simple way. You will see that Yoga is a path of evolution, which heals the individual, the family and society.

Cost; We charge £50 per hour to visit clients within easy reach and more pro rata by distance. In some cases our rate is negotiable but this always requires demonstration of a genuine interest and commitment to regular practice.

How; We can travel to your home or place of work or we can arrange for somewhere mutual to meet. We sometimes arrange room hire for which there is an additional charge.

Frequency; This depends upon your requirements. We can for example, recommend weekly sessions for the first month, at least once a month for the first year, every other month in the second year and quarterly or bi-annually in the third and thereafter.

Children's Yoga

We can work with your children in a playful and imaginative way, based upon classical techniques of various forms of Yoga, Hatha in particular.   Sessions can include a mixture of :-   Asanas (physical exercises/postures), to help them to continue growing with awareness and self respect. The asanas facilitate vitality; being strength, agililty and flexibility - all of body and most importantly mind. The classical postures will help to regulate the chemical (endocrinal) system so that they function at their optimum.   Breathing Exercises (pranayama) to help them to centre themselves in the most important factor to healthy living and good conduct; viz 'the breath'.   The above two when combined then lead to a synergy of mind and body so that all function in the utmost harmony, in accord with nature and the divine.   Visualisations to help them to be imaginative and creative in all that they do. These short meditations will help them to trust their intuitive side and allow this wisdom to flow through in to their daily lives through whatever medium happens to be in front of them.   Chanting to help them to relax and energise. This includes classical chanting (eg 'Aum, Haam, Vaam, Ram etc'  and any other sounds that arise out of this; eg 'do, rei, me, etc', or the imitation of cats, dogs, cows etc!!   Chanting as well as being particularly good fun, is wonderful for reducing/dissolving emotional/physical obstacles, enhancing self esteem and communication skills. Such tools are essential in a world where they need to be both an individual and a team player.   Drumming Once again tremendous fun. Drumming (as with all items above) further develops the brain and its ability to listen and adapt in harmony with its surroundings. Repeated rhythm will aid the body-brain in harmonising within (balancing left and right hemispheres), so that all cycles attune with eacother (eg digestion and elimination) and also macrocosmically, maintaining harmony with the earth's frequency.   Laughter to help them stay in touch with the light. We all know of the power of laughter - Without doubt the funniest and most potent stress releaser available to us! Ha Ha Ha!!! It's great to remember to take a few moments to tap into it's power!   Deep Relaxation (Classically referred to as Yoga Nidra) - this is 'wakeful sleep'. This will help them to relax physically, mentally and emotionally.  This is one of the most beneficial of all yoga practices due to its restorative effect upon the nervous system. It will leave them feeling more aware of themselves and their problems and give them the understanding of how to deal with these problems by remaining 'present', breathing and listening. This practice like all of the above will help them to remain steady and grounded in their own being, their own truth. In short, it teaches us 'to stay' (healing restorative nervous system) rather than 'run' away (fight or flee nerves). It will empower them to communicate truth within themselves, with you as their parent and all others throughout their lives.   Meditation  This arises spontaneously out of the above practices, Yogic Sleep especially.  As awareness develops and becomes more subtle, meditation arises out of a calm and concentrated mind. They will be able to remain connected to their own essence (soul) from which we derive our most deep sustenance.  

We have worked with children many times over the years. We are sure that if your children  are interested, we will be able to do some great practice together.

Comment from a recent Private Group;

Hi, Matt   Thank you; we all really enjoyed these sessions and I do think that was down to you, as the boys and girls felt they could have fun as well as do the exercise. Hopefully we will be able to sort something out to carry on as I and other parents think it had benefited the younger ones. I will be speaking to my friend as she was very interested in doing yoga so we might be coming on a Friday.   Look Forward to seeing you soon,   Margaret.

Comment from a recent 1-2-1

Hi Matt, hope you enjoyed you holiday and did lots of diving.
Just to let you know the yoga breathing went down very well with the NLP group!  My trainer was most impressed with how I presented it and made the notes, and he has asked for a copy to circulate to the group. 
So I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance.
There was another guy who was modelling balance and they were most impressed that I could already stand on one leg with the other leg out straight without falling over!  All those tree postures have obviously stayed with me!  I also managed to do a headstand!
Thanks again, take care

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