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Self Help One to One Tune In - Herts and North London

Self Help Clinic - Self Awareness, Breathing and Yogic Philosophy (eastern psychology) as a way to Natural Health -

Throughout the years of teaching and practicing the holistic arts of Yoga and Taiji, ‘The Play’ has taught us that a healthy mind is essential for the health of the body and spirit. When the body falls sick, again we are Re Minded that it is the mind that needs to understand and accept the waves of consciousness arising; be they in the form of thoughts or feelings or both.

The mind governs the body and thus health and well being. We can also say that the body governs the mind and ask where does one end and the other begin?

During physical practices we feel most at peace when the mind settles in to a state of clarity and peace. Everything falls into place and we see that all is exactly as it is meant to be, all ways.

‘I practice Yoga/Taiji regularly.  I am still not truly happy.  I continue to get angry and still have issues that I am unable to resolve. I have not attained the peace quite yet’.

In a One to One Counselling Session we will look at these areas together. You will question the thoughts and feelings that trouble you, in order to ascertain how true they really are and establish the patterns of belief (social/familial) or conditioning which are behind them.

You will see that the only way to enjoy (Be in the Joy) is to be in love with reality in this very moment. This includes all of the darkness and gloom and all of the apparent imperfections.

“Yes, but I don’t want to love the darkness and gloom, this is precisely what I am trying to avoid!” - It is this very avoidance which keeps us in the dark, which prevents us from seeing how much beauty there is in embracing our Shadow-Self and how much energy this releases out into our lives when we allow it to breathe.

‘Yes, but I am afraid of the dark!’ - So was I. Do you know, when you meditate, you realise that this darkness is full of light.

By becoming aware that our lives are being governed by ‘voices in our heads’ which are reading us a ‘story’ which is no longer true (and maybe never was!) we allow ourselves to flow from the moment. We can be fully present, liberated from the past and future.

You will learn to question these ‘negative’ thoughts and see that they are projections of memory that return like a nightmare in order to maintain themselves in a painful capsule of delusion. You will learn that you are not your thoughts and that you can restructure your way of thinking, experiencing and being in a simple, direct and effective method.

You will see that you are choosing how you enjoy every day of your life, whether it be one of highs or lows – If you always remain at one with your essence which is presence eternal, you will see that life is a most wonderful dream and that consciousness has been creating a unique tale of wonder through your being all along.

Cost; We charge £50 per hour to visit clients within easy reach and more pro rata by distance. In some cases our rate is negotiable but this always requires demonstration of a genuine interest and commitment to regular practice. How; We can travel to your home or place of work or we can arrange for somewhere mutual to meet. We sometimes arrange room hire for which there is an additional charge.Frequency; You may only need one or two sessions of counselling, being that its effects are so wonderful.

Self Help One to One Tune In can help you manage, improve and, relative to the condition, possibly find the cure.

anxiety, insecurity, attention and stress disorders, blood pressure (hypertension, hypotension), menopause, osteoporosis and arthritis, diabetes back, knee, hip (joint pains - frozen shoulder, fatigue and depression, infertility, asthma, hay feaver (allergies), insomnia, trauma, grief, ADHD, Special Needs adults and children., cancer and multiple sclerosis,.................. ..


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