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Sun 12th - Sun 19th September 2009

scene from the standard twin room

Atami Hotel , one of the finest boutique hotels in Bodrum, Turkey set in the undisturbed 'Paradise Bay'.      

A late summer Yoga and Tai Chi Retreat - All welcome. Atami is a charming small luxury boutique hotel surrounded by natural beauty, fostering a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. The hotel faces the magnificent view of Paradise Bay, the most beautiful bay in Bodrum. The beach is just a few steps away and the sea is like an aquarium.

Flyer for more information about this September 09 week

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Our approach to youga and Taiji & personal development

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Atami Turkey Timetable  

     The approximate timetable for September 09 at Atami will be;

          Check in is at 15.00 and check out is at 11.00.

There are two classes a day; mornings and late afternoons (excluding one afternoon). Morning sessions will focus upon pranayama (breathing methods – providing a view to helping students understand how to develop their own consistent practice) and asanas (postures) and the relationship between the two and other aspects of yogic life.

This is followed by breakfast. Lunch is not included. Please refer to Atami weblink to have a peak at the wonderful array of food on the 'Beach' or 'Japanese' menus. The afternoon is yours to be as you find yourself; perhaps resting, perhaps on an excursion or dive!

The late afternoon session will focus upon gentle Vinyasa practice (flowing sequences) or Yin Yoga (gentle deep tissue release), or Tai Chi and Chi Gung, Dhyana (meditation) and Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). This is followed by dinner from the A La Carte Menu

All sessions are recommended but at your choice, so that you are able to settle in to your own being and have fun.   I hope that this helps and that you decide to join us.




Matt Gluck
Pranasana Yoga Pranasana Yoga
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