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Welcome to our online Yoga Shop














If your hands or feet sweat a lot during practice, some liquid chalk may help. Bear in mind this is a sweat inhibiter, so truly the healhiest option is just to use a yoga towel :)


If you would like to buy a gift for a loved one, but aren't sure what to get them, try one of our gift vouchers below...

£25  (half an hour or products)

£50 (one hour or products)

£75 (one and a half hours or products)

£100 (2 hours or products)




Unwind the Body, Breath and Mind

By Dorna Djenab

Relaxation Audio CD to help you relax and recover from daily stress.

Do you cram as much as possible in to a day, feeling bad when there is nothing to do? Do you feel a constant lack of energy or inspiration? Do you wish you knew how to relax 'quickly'?

If you have answered 'yes' to any of the above, this CD is for you. The way it has been laid out allows you to relax in minutes. You can choose to do one track, ranging from 5 to 20 minutes, or combine a few tracks to get a deeper sense of ease and rest.


£10 plus p&p

The Prophet Kahlil Gibran Audio CD

by Dorna Djenab

£10 plus p&p



Half Hour Yoga Practice DVD - basic asanas/postures, breath awareness and simple relaxation with Matt Gluck


£8 plus p&p

Shoulders' Anatomy and Sequence

by Dorna Djenab


£8 plus p&p


Morning Breathing Exercises

by Matt Gluck

£10 plus p&p



How To Breathe Box Set

by Matt Gluck

A course in Breathing Exercises


£40 plus p&p


How To Breathe For Relaxation

by Matt Gluck


£10 plus p&p


How To Breathe For Balance & Stability

by Matt Gluck


£10 plus p&p


How To Breathe For Energy,

Cleansing & Strengthening 1

by Matt Gluck


£10 plus p&p


How To Breathe For Energy,

Cleansing & Strengthening 2

by Matt Gluck


£10 plus p&p


Dealing with Depression

Breathing Exercises for Dealing with Depression

With Matt Gluck

£12 plus p&p


Pada Krama Leg Form

by Matt Gluck

£10 plus p&p




Sinus Rinse


If you've tried and are tired of medications

and tried Neti but couldn't quite 'get it'

Try Neil Med's Sinus Rinse.

It's cheap and it works :)))

Read OUR review here


Last Month's Recommended Product

For Strength and mobility, cardiac and core ~

Check out the Powerball. We have been using this daily for the last couple of weeks and just love it.


Other Services from Pranasana Yoga

Ideal for new students to assess a focus of practice and plan of action.

We run workshops every 6 months or so....



Watch this space for 2013! :))












For anything you can't find above, try our friends at

Go to Yogamatters

Please remember that if you are purchasing a 121 yoga / taiji session or a massage, you also need to book an appointment. You can do this by using our booking form on the one to one page.



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