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Yoga Teacher Mentoring and Training


Yoga Teacher Mentoring -

Herts and North London

and via skype Nationally



We offer mentoring to existing yoga teachers who often find themselves a little 'in the dark' when faced with the challenges which arise during and pre/post teaching.


This is based upon our consitent full time teaching experience of the last 20 years - we are able to help many newly qualified and also experienced teachers through the challenges that we all face as yogins seeking to evolve personally and communally.


Issues that arise often are dealing with challenging students, working with injuries and being true to one's own unique teaching method.


Please contact us if you would like to dscuss how we can help you with some Yoga Teacher Mentoring.



Yoga Teacher Training & Immersion

London 2018

Pranasana Yoga



Our Yoga Teacher Training Course runs in small groups of 10 or less students or on a 121 Apprenticeship and Self Study basis.


During the course you will be required to study various works related to the Art and Science of Yoga and will be instructed and tested upon these subjects to gain competent conscious awareness of their role in your life as a yogi/yogini.



Student Intakes will run on an individual or group basis, (depending on timing) and will commence when the student is ready as a 121 or, within the group when sufficient students have gathered.


We may ask you to work with other students on the course; to discuss, practice or produce your work.


The course requires that you obtain books from our reading list, many of which you will be able to purchase second hand through 'new and used' on Amazon UK. You will need to budget around £300 for this.



Please read all of the information below and following this, if you would like to apply for our training, or have any questions, please complete the




and return to or


This course hasn't yet received external accreditation, although will still enable you to obtain full professional liability insurance should you wish to teach yourself. We will pursue accreditation in the near future if we feel it will benefit the effectiveness of our Yoga Teacher Training.



Pranasana Yoga Teacher Training

Course Outline

Our Aim

To provide a direct and comprehensive course in the study and practice of yoga to qualify you to practice with more awareness, ease and enjoyment and with the option to teach if desired.


If you wish to study and teach yoga this requires a willingness to reflect inwardly in daily Self Enquiry. Our intention is to help you intuit and embody your own teaching wisdom and style, rather than superimpose one from the exterior. The course will be a challenging and transformative opportunity, whereby you will embrace old skills and develop a few new ones too.


By the end of the study period you will be ready and looking forward to teaching professionally should you wish to do so. You will also find the experience you have enjoyed with us will open new fields of expertise and doors of preception. This will iinspire and give you greater insight and resolve to pursue your unique pathway towards deeper lasting peace and joy that you have read and heard about 'on your way' here today.


We intend to teach in a simple and direct manner which imparts the relevant knowledge and also illumines your innate wisdom - this is the essence of yoga and is all you need in order to teach confidently, effectively and safely.


Each course will be unique, which will allow us to focus on teaching you those aspects of practice and theory which require more adeptness on your part.

Duration and Location

The course will take place over 18 months and will be based in and around the High Barnet area in North London/Herts. Modules may involve your attending workshops at weekends, the charges for which are included in your course fee. Other 121 or small group sessions may take place during the working week, at times suitable for all parties relevant.


1.   Course Introduction and Description
2.   The History and Body of Yoga -

      Origins and Timeline
3.   Philosophy / The Classics

      (Selection of passages, discussion and meditations 


      Patanjali ~ Eight Limbs/ Hatha Yoga Pradipika/

      Shiva  Samhita/Gheranda Samhita/ Teachings from the   

       Tantras/ Teachings of the Buddha)
4.   Class Management

      (including teacher/student relationship)
5.   Teaching Practices and Class Planning

      (Ethics, safety, effective

      practices and precautions - pregnancy outline)
6.  Anatomy and Physiology Applied
7.  Mind-Body Awareness and working with

      all Body-Mind Types

8.   Esoteric Anatomy (Subtle Bodies)
9.   Asana Energetics and Alignment
10. Sequencing
11. Class Observation
12. Massage Techniques

13. Yoga for Eye Health

14. Adjustment Skills

15. Kriya, Mudra, Bandha
16. Pranayama
17. Yoga Nidra
18. Meditation
19. Chanting and Mantra
20. Business Management
21. First Aid

You will need to complete all of the above modules, some of which are by way of attending workshops and discussions and/or a combination of home study which includes some essay writing and attending and assisting in classes/workshops.

You will also need to teach as part of our group as well as privately in groups and 1-2-1 – this can involve working with family members and friends or colleagues), and observe classes being taught by teachers in your community. You will also need to complete summary reports provided for them all.

For any of the above modules which take place in the classroom, the study experience will be a mix of the chosen subject combined with yoga practices to allow the student and tutors to work together closely, while integrating and highlighting the relevant topic. Throughout study we will also encourage discussion and questions to further enliven the subject matter, simplify and ground the information. The course is structured on a module basis, so although test papers may be required throughout the period, the final decision to qualify you is based upon your consistently positive performance.

You will need to maintain a regular yoga practice during the course, keeping a weekly summary of practice and relevant diary.

If during the course you have difficulties in specific areas we will advise you of this so that you can spend the necessary time improving your understanding and associated skills. The course does not require that you carry out or perform anything beyond your current ability but may require that with a little extra persistence and effort you enhance your skills beyond their previous norm. In other words the course encourages you to understand how to teach at your level and how to work with students who may be more advanced in certain areas than yourself.


If we feel that you require further assistance and study in any specific module/s, you may need to carry out further reading, continue/demonstrate practices and answer questions to demonstrate your improvement to the required level.


If these efforts prove unsatisfactory you will be asked to take a further session/s with one of our tutors to bring you to the required standard. Such sessions will be charged for at our current rate.


If we still feel that your progress is insufficient to meet with the assessing standards required upon completion of the course, we will let you know as early as possible and calculate the fees chargeable for the course undertaken before you leave, at our absolute discretion.

If you need to defer your studies for reasons such as health, family matters and change of work etc, this can also be arranged..We will do our best to reach an agreement to help you work with these changes to succeed in your study.


Upon graduation from the course you will be entitled to professional indemnity insurance to teach yoga as a professional yoga teacher in the United Kingdom.

We will put you in contact with our insurers to arrange your yoga teacher's insurance during and post training, should you wish them to do so.




You will have practiced yoga for a minimum of two years, at least twice a week in classes (and/or with a regular home practice if less than twice a week). You will need to provide proof of this via a letter or email from your current yoga teacher.

It is possible to train with us if you have less than 2 years practice and this may be reflected in an extemsion of your study period proportionate to the need to incorporate the information and skills you will require to complete the course.This may also include that you attend further yoga classes as a student on a weekly basis to ensure that you are absorbing the practices from both 'teacher' and 'student's' perspective.


Internet Connection and Self Study


You will need to have good access to an internet connection for emails and possibly video clips or web sites we wish you to vist.


Self Study and Reading


You will need to be motivated to study on your own regularly throughout the 18 month period. This will entail lots of reading, essay writing and test questions.


The cost for our Teacher Training course is £1,997.

If you have difficulty with any specific module, you will be required to retake this again at some point during the study period. This may entail a further cost relevant to the module and the skills which you need to develop further.



A deposit of £700 is payable in advance. The remaining balance is payable in equal parts via standing order each month until the course end. Access to the course will only proceed after your payments has been received.


If you decide to discontinue studying this course, you will be entitled to cancel future payments not yet due up to that point, providing us with one month's notice.


We will arrange an interview to meet you and discuss your application. We'll then contact you by email or phone within a couple of weeks, to let you know if we can offer you a place.



If you would like to apply for our training, or have any questions, please complete the




and return to or


We look forward to hearing from you :)


Matt and Dorna.

Pranasana Yoga






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