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Students' feedback about Retreats

Yoga with Matt and Dorna at "Les Passeroses" was a truly relaxing experience after which both my body and mind feel fresh and calm. It was just the right amount of dynamic asanas, calmer ones, breathing and meditation. In between the yoga classes I enjoyed relaxing by the pool, walks along the sunflower fields and fabulous vegetarian food cooked by Alex and Adrian.

Katrin G (25 years old from Germany)

For me it's easy to sum of my experience: relaxed, lots of laughing, great yoga, wonderful people and delicious food. Thanks

C. Jan (Sales Specialist from Holland)

I wanted to thank you for such a fantastic event. It was a truly inspirational weekend and I loved the way that you led the retreat in such a personal, open and generous way. I also felt that there was a real connection within group - you attracted a real lovely group of people and there seemed to be a real sense of togetherness over the weekend. I think it's quite rare to experience such a sense of intimacy when a group of strangers come together like that. You both seem to have such wonderful complementary styles in the way that you teach and lead the group and I think that this also has a huge influence on the culture and spirit that you created. Dorna I thought your meditation session on Sunday was simply magical - I really didn't want it to end and Matt your Tai Chi sessions were so inspiring and uplifting and this is something I really want to continue with.

M. Branson (Design Consultant from London)

I thought the teaching approach was lovely – having two of you is a rarity. I enjoyed the readings – it would have been nice to do more chanting. It was a really well rounded experience! Both you guys provided 5 star service – I actually don’t think that you could have tried harder to ensure that everyone had a nice time, which is fantastic. You both genuinely care!

S. Ernstzen (IT Specialist from London)

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