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Students' feedback about Retreats

Amazing week of pure relaxation of body and mind in idyllic surrounding with superb food, wonderful people. Matt and Dorna's friendly and relaxed approach to teaching made the yoga fun and addressed the needs of the group better than other classes I have been to. Fantastic retreat!

L. Clarke - (GP from Brighton)

I had a wonderful week at the retreat. Les passeroses is a beautiful and relaxed setting with wonderful veggie food and friendly hosts. Matt and Dorna are great teachers and helped create a very relaxed and fun atmosphere both in classes and beyond. I will return home rejuvenated and refreshed and inspired to incorporate more yoga into my daily life.

R. Fowler (PHD student from London)

Matt and Dorna inspire a kind of warm atmosphere that worked for all levels of yoga practice. Their teaching complement one another and make for a varied experience of yoga practice. Matt's classes left me energized and feeling strong as if I'd taken my body on a journey. Gradually easing us into the breathing practices, and explaining their benefits, made me more excited about breathing practice overall. Dorna's teaching holds the wisdom of the body and yogic healing at its core. Meditative, creative, and powerful, Dorna's sequences gave me emotional stability and physical healing. Dorna the additional sessions of massage + "The Work" really added a well-rounded aspect to the retreat.

A. Rowland (High School Principal from San Francisco) 

This was one of the most enlightening, relaxing and enjoyable retreat I've experienced. Not only were the hosts friendly and generous, the teachers, Matt and Dorna were excellent teachers, and helped the cohesion of the group.

D. Chetty (University Lecturer from London)  

I would recommend Matt and Dorna's retreat to pretty much anyone because their individual needs would be responded to - as well as the group dynamic/needs.

M. Odonnell (University Lecturer from London)                    NEXT

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